No time


Can’t wait until this weekend when I have little free time.

I keep complaining about no free time, but then I remember how desperate I was to get back to university.

For the next couple of years I’ll live for the weekends and enjoy small bits of freedom here and there. And I’ll be ok with that for now.

Turn Down For What?!


I was thinking of coffee yesterday,  just daydreaming and imagining me drinking coffee on a city sidewalk… then I imagined me taking my last sip of coffee and throwing the cup down to the beat of “turn down for what”.

Ridiculous,  I know. This is so you have some idea what’s going on in my head sometimes. Lol



This, my friends, I dreamt of when I was under anesthesia last week. I’m not sure if it was something I saw when I was waking up, but I remembered this image, and thought it would be cool to put on paper (ran out of canvas).

I’ve been in extra creative mood lately. Gonna blame the painkillers. Two paintings in one day! Whaaaaat!