For you guys that follow me and actually read my posts, you know I constantly “complain” about being very busy.

I finally graduate in May, which means one more semester of insane pressure of work /school schedule.

After looking at my facebook page, I realized that I produced total of 2 paintings between August and December. That’s so little! Of course, as always I enjoy my time off. Getting back to painting and letting myself be free feels strangely liberating. I say ‘strangely’ because every sigle time I am surprised at how amazing it feels and freeing to just throw paints on paper. There, I’m free of worries, stress, noises… it’s like being in a bubble where I am invincible and peace prevails.

I wonder if others feels the same when they paint.


Thoughts Are Always Welcome

I’ve been thinking… a lot… and positive things.

I always worried that people will judge my art in a certain way. I struggled with not being sure on whether I should make art to please my audince or not to care at all about anyone’s opinion because my art is my expression. I am still not sure what to do, but I am going to bed in peace tonight.

People are always going to judge you no matter what. That’s how brain works, it tries to save energy by finding shortcuts and jumping to conclusions. That’s our biology. We can try to reduce the judging factor, but it will always be there to some degree. Why build your own prison?

Today I felt free about sketching. It has never been easy to just sketch because I am an unhealthy perfectionist; I try to beat my own records.

Today I made a 5 minute sloppy sketch and it made me so happy. There was no pressure. I’m going to make art and succeed in this or something else.

Strangely, I feel great about future as well. I know I posses some great set of skills, and they are waiting to be put to use in a professional setting. Let’s make business.

And here is to Galliano. Despite everything he is being judged for, he is a great artist.


NOT a cherry blossom

Besides that I don’t even know what I paint sometimes, I finished this watercolor painting yesterday. It’s a first watercolor art piece that I actually put hours into. My mom helped me to figure out that those were not cherry blossoms, but orchids. Now I feel flower illiterate.

Original and prints will be up for sale soon.


Heart of Gold

I spent the most magical morning past weekend painting over older canvas. It was lacking something,  and I finally felt ready to make some additions. I still want to change it up a bit, but the main concept is in place.

Do you ever feel like you are so free of everything surrounding you, and it makes you so happy to the point of wanting cry out loud? That happens to me when I let loose and paint my heart out. Since I was a kid, drawing and such has been a way of becoming free of worries. This is one of the reasons I am not able to paint or design custom orders as much as I’d like to, because that takes the freedom away. Unless they’ll be o.k. with whatever I’m going to paint and take it for what it is. Until then- I paint for me and love every single second of it.