Get a Succulent!

Hello guys,

I decided I would like to share my love for plants and anything nature related with you. If you have a favorite bouquet or a plant, and would like to have a watercolor painting version of it- I now offer custom paintings like the one below.

Those would look great as a part of your gallery wall.





My new travel destination. I love to travel. When you go to a place you have never visited before, you experience a whole set of unknown to you before feelings and emotions. The things you see, taste, hearel, and feel stay with you forever. No amount of photographs is able to capture your experience. You can’t explain the experience to someone- they have to be there to feel it with their whole being. 

My boyfriend and I have decided that our next destination for travel will be Italy, particularly Lake Como area. Luckily, he loves travel as much as I do. There are few villages that cascade down the mountain overlooking the lake providing a magnificent view from any point. I came across few images online, and quickly realized that all of them were from the same area. I showed those to my better half, and without any doubt we agreed on our next destination. 

The colors of Italy are so beautiful in photos, I’m afraid I will cry when I see it in real life. In the meantime, I’ll try to make my dream come to life on paper in my home. 

Clean up!

Beautiful weather definitely inspires me. You guys know how much I dislike hot weather, so sitting outside with cool winds and sun out was nothing less than a day blissfully spent.

Few things were long overdue in updating my art work. I finally graduated from a university, and have some free time on my hands. I feel like I am able to finally live life. Isn’t that what we work so hard for? So we have the means to spend our free time as pleasant as possible? A vacation to Denver, CO and a weekend in OKC later, I feel like I finally have reached a point of “rested” and I am ready to explore creating as my part-time job.

Creating makes me happy, whether people enjoy it or not. Creating is an outlet for expressing myself without limits.

Today I am restarting my journey as an artist, while searching for best PhD programs to which I would like to apply. Welcome back, me!