Vogue Illustrated and The Special Ingredient

As I mentioned in my inspiration post on fashion blog, November’s Vogue has inspired me today like never before. Pictures were ‘off the hook’. I don’t have water colors, so color pencils were the only option for me, since markers wouldn’t do well for this picture. I think this picture is one of my best on illustration so far (doesn’t look much like the model though, but outfit is what really matters).

By the way, I’m trying out this new program I downloaded that comes with Windows Live- Windows Live Writes, it has my theme and it looks just like I’m writing straight on my blog, we’ll se how it works.


Next picture is one of my own, something I try to do often to become more comfortable with a pen and not to erase every single line to make it perfect.


For this picture (from Vogue too), I REALLY wish I had the water color because color pencils just didn’t do it (or maybe I didn’t try hard enough).


And the special ingredient… Every kitchen should have for delicious tasting food Smile


I want your feedback!

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