Fashionista Greeting Card and Bookmarks

This is what I’ve been doing this weekend. Yes, I was enjoying making those cute little things.
I really can’t wait until I get my watercolors, so I can illustrate like a pro… well… at least to try to illustrate like a pro ;) Since I use poster board paper, I thought it would withstand through making it wet, but apparently it didn’t. I tried to make the word ‘love’ bleed on the bookmark, but there was not much luck, only the paper curled up. It wasn’t that bad though. So besides the watercolors, I’m gonna invest into some watercolor paper, it will make better quality cards and bookmarks, and whatever else idea might jump into my head. I’m open to receive any Christmas presents :) haha jk jk.

The greeting card idea cam from one of the illustrations I did on Diego Dolcini shoes. My boyfriend’s mom gave me a shoe calendar! What a wonderful thing- it has cards inserted into a plastic box, and there is a shoe for each day (for each card).
By the way, the 4th bookmark down (the one red and black writing) says ‘Love’ in red, but when you flip it upside down, you will see ‘Kiss’ in black.
Also, I made those little fashion girls in bright outfits, because I just felt like doing something fun and colorful, so pink-green combo came into my mind.

If you want me to scan those pictures so you can see them better- let me know in the comments below!
Have a great day!

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