Dress We Made Once

This is not a very artistic post, but it’s about something I made with my bare hands.

There was a time when my friend was attending a wedding in France. She wanted to buy a nice dress, but at the same time she wanted to have something unique. Finally, she turned to us. My designer friend and I were probably the only two people in that little bitty southern town who knew something from the fashion world. So after looking at some Valentino designs, we came up with a similar look, but ended up doing something completely different. He made the bottom of the dress, and I worked on the top part with a ruffled strap going across the back (there were real blue pearls attached to the ruffle). She had no idea about it, but LOVED it when she saw the dress. We were very happy because she was pleased much more than we expected.

5 thoughts on “Dress We Made Once

  1. You and your friend made this?? It’s so beautiful! What fabric did you use? The color choice is fantastic. Have you made any other pieces? And how long did the dress take to make?
    Wow, lots of questions… :)
    <3 Kitty

    1. Thank you!!!
      ~Haha, yes we made it! He made the bottom, and I worked on the bra and strap part.
      ~I think it was chiffon, not sure (forgot), not going to lie. The fabric was silky smooth but very thin and it fell apart easy. Also, it was was pretty heavy (the weight). We chose navy blue and pink because she had navy blue Madden shoes and her favorite color was pink. We found the perfect shade of rosy pink (it was gradient fabric by the way, from light pink to dark rosy).
      ~I’ve made a floral high waist skirt and a simple little dress for myself. I’m working on making more pieces now since I have my own desk chair, lol.
      ~It took about 3 days straight to work on it.
      I hope it answers your questions! :)

  2. Svitlana!
    You’re awesome! You’re the best.
    And this dress is the best dress I ever worn. I’m loving it until the end… Will never thank you enough.

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