Bubble Dress, Literally

Yepp… Again it’s 1.20 am and I’m wide awake doing this…

First of all I want to say: I recycle! Yes, I have a huge folder full of school papers that are used only on one side (I’ll post a picture later— updated).I kept all of them for scratch paper needing occasions, now I’m going to use them for my illustrations. Why waist beautiful white paper? Unless it goes for sale of course. Anyways, I’ve decided that I’m liking the letters that appear through to the other side.

Second, this is one weird dress… But guess what? I think it’s so fun, all bubbly and stuff :) I was inspired by photograph of David LaChapelle for Rolling Stone; he had a model covered in plastic bubbles. The shoes are inspired by Prada. Love their thick heel loafers. I like to come up with designs you wouldn’t see one wearing on the street. Well… maybe Lady Gaga would ;)

Best wishes.

6 thoughts on “Bubble Dress, Literally

  1. I blog sometimes at random of the hours too!
    I love your illustrations; I myself do fashion illustrations and these are beautifully done.
    The bubble dress is great! I think it beats the Lady Gaga one :)

  2. This is so pretty! I agree that the letters coming through could make a cool effect… Hmm… what if you make a contest giving your readers a chance to win one of your drawings? …Hopeful wishing… :D

  3. Thanks Yourkitty!! Always good to hear nice feedback from readers :)
    You know, it’s a great idea about the contest. I think I will give it a very deep thought and will notify everyone with my decision ;)

    1. Aww really? Thank you so much! I’m going to major in fashion design next year! I’m so excited and can’t wait. I’m teaching myself how to illustrate for now. I hope you have fun in your classes!

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