Weird Morning Illustrations

I made them around 1 am last night… Don’t know what is this with me drawing at 1am lately… Anyways, wasn’t sure weather should I post these or not, but you gotta see what I do, right? So here. By the way, I’m doing this right now with my pajamas, no shower, and no breakfast. Crazy person.

I really want to do something funky and crazy for my future posts, but don’t really know what. I must seek the inspiration.

The first illustration came into my head after I saw this (

But since I don’t like the design of it, I will call it a failed attempt. I think, I will just re-illustrate the original so my soul feels better.

The next 2 are just practicing drawing outwear and afro hair, since I’ve never done it before.

And finally, the evening gown.

I want your feedback!

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