This Is What You’ve Been Waiting For…

Surprise!!! Read below!

I decided… To have a GIVEAWAY!!! I think I am more excited than you guys are! Hehe, but anyways, I decided to do it because of course you were asking for it, and because I’m going to celebrate my birthday on December 1, and with holidays coming, oh so many reasons for this…

It will be a 5 day event. I will give out my best illustrations (on nice paper of course, so you can frame it) or greeting cards… I’m not sure yet. However, you will know all the details on December 1, so follow me on Twitter or Facebook to stay tuned for that, it will be fun I promise ! (I want to make sure many people will get a chance to win) You will also have plenty of time to receive the illustration in time for winter holidays, it can be a great gift! When the contest is over, I will make a video of drawing the winner and will post it here, so it’s all fair! I hope you are as excited as I am.

4 thoughts on “This Is What You’ve Been Waiting For…

    1. Thank you! It will be so easy, all you will have to do is comment with your favorite illustration and follow me on twitter or facebook. Maybe you will win :)

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