Rihanna (Only Girl)

I decided to illustrate her from this video because the whole video is breath-taking, just plainly beautiful. I loved the combination of reds, pinks, and flowers. It made me think of some princess fairy-tale.

How do you feel about my blog layout change? I did it mainly because  letters were too small on the old one, and I didn’t know how to change it. I thought it would benefit you for easier reading.

With this weird time change, it’s dark outside at 6pm, and you still have half of the day to be awake.

8 thoughts on “Rihanna (Only Girl)

  1. Ooooh my gosh. I LOVE this illustration. One of my favorites so far… I love the harmony of the pigments in her hair, clothes, and skin.
    The layout change is nice – As you mentioned, the words are easier to read now, but I like that you kept the overall dark look. I’ve been thinking of changing mine, too.
    It can be depressing when the sun fades away so early in the evening! My suggested remedies: hot cocoa by the fireplace, bright outfits and dancing until 5 in the morning, movie marathons with friends… :)
    xoxo, Kitty

    1. Aww thanks :) Yea, I think that’s why I loved her video, because of the colors, lol
      Thanks for the advice about staying alive through dark nights ;)

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