Paul & Joe Plus Others

Today I am a busy bee that’s for sure. However, I couldn’t go another day without posting anything. I manage to scrape few free minutes that I had. For reference I used look from Paul & Joe Spring 2011 Paris Fashion Week. Something simple, sweet and only 2 colors, haha

Scroll down for update.

After the busy craziness, finally I’m here resting and found some great things to do, like to draw. I got this look from editorial by Zig and Carolina Tesch where they used designs of Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo. I love the shapes, but not so much the colors, so I brightened them up a little bit with different patterns and hues. Plus, I absolutely loved this pose, I’m going to steal it for my future drawings, hehe.

5 thoughts on “Paul & Joe Plus Others

    1. Aww :) Thanks Tali!
      Well, I love it, but mainly I do for the blog :) Wanted to stay true for my readers, haha. Don’t worry, sometimes I fall into ‘depression’ when I don’t draw for ages. I guess blog is keeping me busy now.

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