Time Traveler (My Story)

Hey guys,
So I wanted to take you back and tell you my art/fashion story :)

I loved drawing and making clothes since I was little. Maybe part of it was the influence of my mom when she used to make clothes for my dolls (and they were the best).  Anyways, but since I lived in Ukraine where economic situation is really bad, I never considered actually being a designer, I just always knew I wasn’t going to be.
I moved to USA at 16 years of age and went to college. During college years I struggled a lot because I couldn’t pick a major (didn’t want to do anything besides art, and my parents told me that’s not the right choice). After 2 years in college I still wasn’t sure. I argued with my parents for about a year, we had conflicts on and on, but they didn’t want to accept my artistic abilities as something serious.
My best friend at the time (my bf now) knew about the situation, and one wonderful day on my birthday, he gave me a book- fashion illustration. OMG!!! Do you know how much it meant for me? Somebody finally cared and was trying to encourage me. Yes, I cried. LOL. I know, I know, even when the whole world is against you- you should keep on your destination, but it was way too hard for me.
So the same day I went to my room and was trying to learn how to illustrate fashion. That followed by hours of online searches of trying to perfect my skills. Finally, I told my parents that I didn’t care what they thought, and that I was going to study fashion regardless of what they said. To my surprise they didn’t have a problem this time. I guess they saw that I REALLY wanted it.
I received great amount of negative feedback from most of the people, but guess what- that didn’t matter anymore.
Next year I was busy trying to get out of college and to make good grades, so I didn’t illustrate much. However, this year I have a little more free time and it’s on!!! Btw, next fall I’m attending university to get my Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design :)

The moral of this story: Yes, it’s hard to go forward when the whole world is pushing back, but remember- baby steps :)

I wanted to share some of my drawings from back when I started (Dec 2008, Apr 2009), and one that I did last year at work (the one on black pen).

5 thoughts on “Time Traveler (My Story)

  1. This is a great story and i’m so glad you managed to do what you love! Your illustrations are really lovely and i hope you do well!

  2. this is a wonderful story. my father also did not approve of my art aspirations, but hes fine with it now. i can relate. stay with your dream!

    nice style. i wonder if you draw from models or from memory?

    1. Thanks :) I’m glad it turned out well for you too :) Yes, it was tough when the people who were supposed to encourage me, were against me.

      When I was learning, I drew from models, but now since I got some hang of it, I draw from imagination. I pick imagine a pose and draw. Sometimes I do use poses from pictures for reference.

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