Topless Trio

I wish it was OK to wear this kind of clothes, but I’m sure that male part of the population would have problems with holding back themselves (or you can wear something under).
For the middle maxi skirt I would use that ocean blue with golden shade silk fabric and light chiffon underneath the top part.

P.S. And just to share a little from my life- there are 2 bus drivers who are super nice and fare to everyone every single time, so I decided to bake them cookies for Thanksgiving. I hope they will see that people are thankful for what they do.

3 thoughts on “Topless Trio

  1. Of course I love this! ;)
    My favorite is the last outfit, I would definitely wear that.
    Have you ever considered making and selling clothing that people could specially order?
    You could start with prom dresses for rich girls who live near you, lol… Seriously, that one dress you made and posted here was really gorgeous! :)

    1. Thanks! :))) Yes, I considered making clothes, that’s why I’m going to university next fall to major in fashion design :) As for now, I’m still working on organizing my ideas and the process.

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