Ocean Dress Design

I discovered that it’s not that bad to paint with watercolors out of the tube. I just wasn’t used to it after painting with tablet like water colors for many years, that’s why they were on the bottom of the shelf. But it wasn’t bad after all :)

This is one of my own designs. You can see the progress of designing on my facebook page. I made a mess by her feet, ended up erasing a little. Also, I was debating whether I should draw a face or leave it plain. This is what artists go through, constant dilemas :)

4 thoughts on “Ocean Dress Design

    1. Haha, that’s what I thought, but I didn’t want it to be too realistic. I thought of doing something else instead of the face, like just draw the lips, but couldn’t find the right idea, so I left it there… haha

  1. Ah, a long, flowing train… perfect.
    I often leave faces out of my sketches, usually because it’s not where I want to draw the focus, or because I prefer to leave a kind of universal anonymity.

    1. When I see sketched without faces, it makes me imagine and guess the face. But I still like to see the artist’s take on it. I guess, it’s like watching a movie without reading a book. I don’t read books before the movie because I want to see what they got for me. When I don’t draw a face, it’s like letting you read the book, you make your own picture. I hope u know what I mean))

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