I’m giving away a print of your favorite illustration from my blog. Yes, you get to pick which one. If I get more than 20 participants, I will pick 2 winners, so you have a better chance. Also, if I get more than 40 participants, I will double the prize, winners will get any 2 prints! So, more people- more winners- more gifts, tell everybody! And it’s because today is my b-day! :)


Follow me on Twitter or Facebook and leave a comment below with a name for your favorite illustration to qualify.


December 1- December 8. After it’s over, I will make a video of drawing the winner/winners, so everything is fair. I will have your email once you submit a comment and will notify you through there (I will not disclose your email, only a name under which you submit a comment, that’s if you are a winner).

I will not make any posts until this contest is over, in case you end up liking new illustration, when you already entered for another.
This can be a great gift for the holidays or a decoration for an empty wall!
Wish you the best :)

22 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. I’d love me some of your illustrations!
    My all time favorite is – White House Black Market. And just in case.. second favorite is the Simplified WHBM ))


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a great time. :)

    It’s going to be really hard to choose an illustration, so I’m gonna take some time to think and then come back later. ;)

    Thanks again for giving your readers this opportunity!

  3. Ok, so… after plenty of careful deliberation, I’ve decided that, if by some great miracle I win, I would love to have either Simplified WHBM or the drawing from your first post which shows the girl with a hat on her head. I can’t choose between these two, so if I win, you can choose which one to send and it will be a surprise! :)

    1. Hehe, ok, those are the ones I like too :) We’ll wait for a fairy to come and do some magic! lol I wish everybody could win!

  4. Hi,

    I really enjoy your drawings and I’m a boy. ;)
    If I win, I’ll give the illustration to my girlfriend for a Christmas gift!

    I would choose Simplified WHBM.

    I’m following you on Facebook!


    1. Aww :) That’s awesome! Thank you! It surely would be great piece for framed wall art. I’ll sign it too ;)

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