At Work

Well, most of you know that I’ve been busy like a squirrel in the wheel, I still managed to draw some little things. Of course, I did them at work when I didn’t have many customers. I wanted to draw people, but didn’t want to make them feel weird by staring at them while drawing, so I decided to draw something that would not be offended- a handbag kiosk! Lol. Perspective of it is a little messed up, I just noticed it. Didn’t have much inspiration for fashion for some reason, but managed to design something anyways.

Oh, and instead of those combat boots, I got me Levi’s jeggings, which were very good quality comparing to all that I saw. Plus, they were little bit higher (not very noticeable though) than usual low rise jeans, so when I sit down, I don’t have to worry about showing my panties :) But tomorrow, I will get some boots for sure. Winter is getting here… now we just need some snow.

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