Spray Paint Can

I have a day off today, so here I am with pencils and colors… Let me tell you, it felt amazing when I signed the new illustration… It was the official “I’m back” :) This is what I enjoy the most, sitting in pajamas after huge breakfast and drawing or painting. That is my nirvana. Nothing can take it away.

I didn’t really feel the Christmas spirit this year. Maybe because in Ukraine we celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7, and I’m so used to that. However, I hope that those of you who celebrated it- had a great time with family and friends.

6 thoughts on “Spray Paint Can

  1. Oh, so good to see you back and better than ever! I love what you said about drawing after a big breakfast… those little moments of pleasure that mean the world to us are so important! I honestly think that they are the point of life. :)

  2. I keep coming back to this drawing, so I just wanted to comment again and say that I really, really love the design. As an amateur graffiti artist, and a lover of suspender-like straps and the color gray, I would do pretty much anything to own this in real life. xD

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