Tecktonik Dancer

Tecktonik has been one of my favorite dance and funnest activities since it became popular. People in the states don’t know much about it, but my European brothers and sisters- you surely know what I’m talking about. Of course not everyone finds it interesting, but like my mom says: for each product there is its buyer. I even  bugged my French friend to bring me ‘tecktonik killer’ t-shirt when she went home last year. I found this cool picture of a girl dancing, but the end result wasn’t looking much like a girl, or you tell me if it does.

3 thoughts on “Tecktonik Dancer

    1. Haha, phew, ok. I think it hit teenage population more than anybody else. Even though I’m way beyond teenage, I still like to fall into childish things and act… not according to my age. It’s more fun that way, haha

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