Today is Summer

Hey guys,

Since I haven’t been here in forever, I feel like you all deserve to know what is going on, if I quit, if I am ever coming back, or if…

I had a lot going on lately. Sudden moving from one apartment to another, and soon I will be moving again. All my things are packed except the necessities, including my art supplies. Where I live right now is temporary, so I don’t have much room to set up my studio in here. That’s actually the main reason I stopped illustrating. Plus my scanner is not longer mine.

But anyways, I am constantly thinking about new inspirations. If you only knew how many ideas I have… Can’t wait to let it out on a paper. I promise, it’s going to be awesome sauce.

I love you guys, and I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather today. It’s nice here in Texas, USA. Sun, breeze… just beach is missing.

4 thoughts on “Today is Summer

  1. Thanks for the update, Svitlana! Hope you have the chance to settle in and feel at home again very soon. : )
    I know what it’s like to disappear, I haven’t posted in over a month! Maybe we can try and motivate each other? ^^

    1. hey! no problem, and thank you for still checking up on me :)
      I am inspired and motivated, it’s just that I don’t have all needed resources :S
      I really need my own room, where I can get into my zone :)

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