Not Your Illustration Kind of Post

I’ve been thinking about how my life turned out in the past year. It didn’t go the way I planned, but it went well. I learned, I had fun, I cried. I couldn’t spend as much time blogging as I wanted to, but it will change soon. Art and fashion are my passion.

That’s why I’ve been thinking for a different name for my blog. If you keep up with me on my facebook, you know. The main part  is done. Now I want to think and invest more time  into experimenting with different kinds of illustrating, because sometimes I find it hard to step out of the box or my comfort zone of the way I draw.

This whole thing sounded like a New Year resolution, lol, but oh well. Long story short, I still haven’t started working on my big idea about designing shirts, but that’s coming soon, as more of cool illustration and anything else I will get my hands onto.
I’m always open to new ideas! You’re welcome to let me know if you any cool ones! Don’t be shy :)

P.S. Oh, and I’ve a new theme too! Got tired of the old one. All the widgets in this are at the bottom though… kinda weird.

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Enjoy your week, mates.

I want your feedback!

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