Who Are You?

Having a conversation on Twitter with someone, where you can only describe something in less than 140 characters, really made me think how to explain my “controlling” views on life in a small sentence.

The problem is, probably like all others control freaks, I don’t think I am one at all. Yes, I like things to be a certain way, but does it make a control freak? I like to feel free to express my opinions, whether others agree with them or not. Everyone is entitled to their own views and tastes and we are nobody to change that. Just because I don’t like peanuts, doesn’t mean I’m a freak and you can’t be friends with me because we don’t share the same taste in foods. And I’m not even going to try to adjust that just so you may find me a pleasant person to be around. I see this issue coming up very often in today’s culture. However, until I think that murder is O.K., you shouldn’t worry about me.

Let’s don’t let ourselves to fall into the waves of life and carry us and change us into what others want us to be. After all, what will be left of us? If you want to call us “control freaks” and “opinionated” because of our unique views and tendency to defend that (when you should admire the strength of our personalities), my dear, you are missing out on some fun friends. Who wants to be another egg in an egg carton? Not me, that I guarantee. We are the ones who make this world fun and colorful. Each one of us, because each one of us is different.

Stay true to yourself.

What about you, do you adjust your opinions depending on your environment?

P.S. Forgive the articles I’ve missed, English is not my native language.

3 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. i fucking absolutely heart this post right now! This simple description is what I scream daily. I use to have a conflict with what I thought I wanted to do as a career and what I felt was a passion of mines.

    Sometimes we go throughout our entire lives allowing others to think for us. Afraid to speak up for ourselves due to others opinions of us. We are all individuals and that is what makes us unique. I use to be afraid to Stick Out..to beg to be different and now..I scream INDIVIDUALITY. BE BOLD.BE FIERCE..BE YOU!…why is this so hard..why do we not live the life we want..our passions..our dreams…our purpose….our own purpose…After a long day at work….to stumble upon this in my yahoo inbox..I feel inspired. I feel inspired enough to Change my major from Computer Science to Art & Drawing- my true passion…

    this is what i dream of….being an artist that inspires


    1. OMG! And I love you! lol this is the best comment I have ever received! It feels so good to know that there are others that share this opinion! I’m so happy that I can help you to see that in you!
      Funny enough, my boyfriend tells me that I shouldn’t care what other think of me, but it’s not the problem. Problem is that many people around are not accepting of us, and sadly that might prevent us from getting around society because of this not acceptance. We are singled out if we are being who we are, which is so wrong. We all should accept each other views. I might not like what someone thinks, but I will never try to prove them wrong or go against their opinion. We can all express our opinions and we deserve it.

  2. At the end, don’t say I’m a control freak just because I don’t want to adjust to your own views on things! I stand for what I believe.
    Sure we can adjust a little, but don’t make us to believe in what you think is right.

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