Alexis Mabille

I thought I would let you see how illustration comes to live, at least partially. Here is a pencil drawing, watercolor filled, and outlined.

What can be more awesome than a giant flower on your head? lol I love this funky hat and the color of the outfit. This look is from SS 2012 collection.

8 thoughts on “Alexis Mabille

  1. omigod wow, I love this one! I think your technique is excellent!
    (can you believe I had to look up “excellent” in the dictionary cause I had the Dutch equivalent stuck in my head.. jeez!)
    especially love the progression photos idea. plz do it more often))

  2. thank you!!!! i love sweet comments! lol
    haha and i feel you on spelling… i have that problem all the time.
    my next post will be progression as well :) so look for it soon!

  3. Holy wow… You’ve improved soo much girl!! I love this one!! The colours are beautiful, and you’re totally inspiring me to break out my watercolours for the first time!!

    1. awww thank you!! yes, i spent so much time drawing, it had to show up somewhere! :)
      and go ahead, practice with watercolors, they r difficult at first, but lots of fun when u get the hang of them.

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