Coin Purse Updo

We had a garage sale the other day, and I saw that my grandma was putting out this little coin bag for sale, I thought it was cute so I “bought” it from her. Ended up finding out that it some sort of Estee Lauder vintage purse.

I really liked it and was going to use it as it was, but I noticed that the faux leather that fringe was made off was so old that it hardened and fell apart  as I tried to look at it. I figured it wasn’t going to work, and off I went into my sewing box to find something that could uplift my new coin purse. Part of an old earring did it (that’s why I keep cute little parts of clothes or jewelry that I throw away, because one day I will use it to replace or fix something).


Also, by suggestion of a fellow blogger, I found out about this amazing lady Garance Dore (girlfriend of Sartorialist). I had no idea who she is or what she does. Apparently she is a really good photographer, film maker, and illustrator. Plus the girl loves fashion. Check her out for your inspiration.

I want your feedback!

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