Gift Box



Umm, not really, it’s a package I received in a mail today. This is not some regular kind of package though.

Couple of days ago I mentioned on facebook how much I love receiving stuff in mail. Well, as it turned out to be- I’m not the only one. My dear blogger friend Natalie from Canada proposed that we become penpals. Sounds like it’s something that grownups don’t do, but who cares if it’s fun!

I was thrilled to find out that my package arrived today, when I haven’t even sent out a box for Natalie yet. Since we both love fashion, she stuffed my box with Canadian fashion magazines, postcards from New York, cool little pictures, cards from Jennifer Lilya, illustration from paperfashion (OMG, can you believe I own one now? I’ve been wanting one for a long time!), and illustration of her own (an original! I know how hard it is to let go of your own art, I felt special!). Oh, and the little cat pillow :) I have a kitty (I’m not a crazy cat lady, no worries, lol).

Thank you girl for awesome experience!




By the way, if you want to exchange little somethings- let me know and become a part of our cool kids group :)



9 thoughts on “Gift Box

  1. Haha!! “cool kids group” – LOVE it!! We’re bringing back snail mail in fashion! I can’t believe how fast it took to get to you! Glad you like my illustration, it was hard to part with – but I can always re-create, so no worries! Glad you liked the JL postcard and Paper Fashion illo too – it was from her calendar I bought, basically got 12 illo’s for the price of $25!!!

    Enjoy the magazines, and hopefully your kitty enjoys the pillow – it’s actually a toy, you can attach it to a string and play with them. PS the card with the pink swirl and writing is one of my cards that I’m planning to sell on etsy. & I’m not sure if I put a “mini” letter in there or not? Can’t remember, lol!

    Keep smiling! xxo

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