Giveaway Time!

I am almost at 100 likes on my facebook page! I know it’s not a lot, but it’s my first milestone.

Because of that occasion, I decided to treat you guys to a giveaway. Plus I’m curious to know what interests you the most about my blog or about anything I do.

There you go, those are the easy steps to follow. At the end I pick my favorite (honest and original, I do not choose based on “kissing butt” principle, lol) response and you get your print!

Wish you the best!


11 thoughts on “Giveaway Time!

  1. You already know my fave illustration ;) And I’m already doing everything you’ve asked. (as for following) My fave thing about your blog is your personality and your illustrations – you’re always improving! If I win, I’m going to be giving the print away on my blog, since you’re already giving me a print. (and I’m buying some!) yay!!

    Good luck everyone! xxo

    PS: you may want to change the giveaway end date, opps!

      1. You’re totally welcome, and it’s ALL true! I feel like I’m kissing butt whenever I compliment people online, but I’m sure you know I’m not!! xxo

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