Artists Have Problems Too

And I’m not talking about money problems. I’m talking about the entire state of being, especially when our career depends on it.

Artists, generally, seem like very content people because they get to do what they love 24/7, all year around. However, being fully peaceful and happy on the inside is also a full-time job. Let me try telling you why in a rather short paragraph.

We all know what inspiration is- this happy feeling inside that makes us want to create amazing things, that gives us ideas, and that helps us grow. At least that’s what it is for me. Now, imagine something happening in your family, someone got in a car wreck, or you find out that the one you love has betrayed you- there goes an end to your inspiration. Literally. Simple as that. Now, lets take a look at the inside of that supposed happy artist. I say ‘supposed’ because the happy feelings have been replaced with broken ones, full of hatred, worry, sadness, disappointment, and so many other negative and nasty words. To me it’s like my world has crushed. Suddenly, I don’t want to draw anymore, I don’t like any colors, I even hate drawing. Yes, I know, sometimes we have to do things that we don’t like, but it’s not the same with art, end of discussion, I don’t care what you say. You cannot make yourself create art if you are lacking inspiration. The artsy part of you somehow disappears. You can try to push yourself, but you might as well stop wasting your time because you will hate the end result. Also, there are things like deadlines, waiting clients, and angry bosses.

Now, imagine having to do this 24/7, all year around. Still think that artists have it easy?

14 thoughts on “Artists Have Problems Too

  1. AMEN. I go through this all the time. I even doubted my passion for a while (during my depression). Artists do have it tough, and we do get “art block” once in a while – sometimes it takes a while to get back into things, but once we do, it’s worth all our downtime. Plus it’s good to have a creative break sometimes. I come back all refreshed and surprisingly I’m better than if I had been practicing. Go figure. lol.

    1. I know what you mean. I agree that it is good at times, and it does ‘refresh’ your artistic side. In a way it is a ‘reset’ of some kind. But sometimes it takes way too much time.

      1. I totally agree with it taking too much time – my longest was almost 3 months. GAH. I was dying to get back into my creative side. Anyways great post! :)

  2. I see what You are saying, though I would have to be an optomist and say some of the best art in the world is inspired from broken hearted sad feelings. In times like those You have to just let out what You feel. While You may not be inspired to draw a pretty rainbow over the rainforest, You might find Yourself drawing an eery dark piece like a wrecked car or of the city and how ugly it can be when You’re feeling bad. Forced art is wrong, but when You accept what You feel and let it flow then the art is beautiful no matter what (:

    1. I agree Marcus, I have created ‘sad’ art before, but I’m talking about different kind of emotional downfall, when you don’t even want to create sad art. When art seems literally stupid. Maybe my experience is just weird, haha

  3. I agree! I can draw pretty good, but if I don’t feel inspired to draw everybody freaks out. Heck sometimes I freak out. I get discouraged so easily. On the days I do find inspiration it’s like a rocket went off inside and my creative juices are ready to tackle the project I was working on a month ago. Lol

    1. Yepp, this is exactly how I feel. I wrote this because today I had that rocket going off, moments later I was informed with news that were a little hard to bare and there went my rocket, lol, it was replaced with an empty black hole. I was like “Really? Now what do I do? I don’t even feel like being creative, all my inspiration has disappeared… I tried picking up a pencil, but believe me- it was pointless. I felt like I hated drawing. Imagine those that make living by creating art. Very self-challenging, but probably rewarding and makes you grow as an artist too.

      1. This was the second reason why I didn’t want to become a full time artist because I knew getting that creative energy and keeping it for a long period of time is difficult. When I did projects in high school I had to get those done because I was on a deadline. Now its like I have to literally find something to get me to that point and say, “okay I’m going to give it another shot today.” Hope things with you get better by the way!

  4. It’s true not only for the artists.. I’m currently in IT, a programmer. Sometimes I have to come up with a creative solution to a certain problem and I’m just stuck! Complete vacuum in my head. Usually it helps to do something else, take a walk, listen to some music.. hope the muse will never leave you!))

    1. Cool! Glad to know other creative people have those problems too, I mean I’m not glad for the problem, but I’m glad to know we are not the only ones! lol
      Thank you! I wish you luck with finding solutions :)

  5. You have a blog too? Oh my goodness, I was so excited when I found this from your Facebook page. You are awesome at what you do, and I know you said you don’t “have a style”, but I really think you do, and I love it! Keep it up. I hope you don’t mind me following. :)

    1. WOW! Thanks girl :) I really appreciate the feedback!
      and of course I don’t mind.
      by the way, I saw your website, love your art too :)
      I cannot paint like you that’s for sure.

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