First Watercolor Landscape

This is my first serious watercolor sketch/drawing/painting since some flower bouquet for middle school assignment. I don’t consider illustrations as serious paintings for some reason.

I did it in rather sketchy manner, as you can see. I think I will spend more time on my future paintings, so I can show more detail. It was more of a learning process to me, wanting to see if I could at least put something together, since I have never really was taught watercolor. Not too bad for a first try.

2 thoughts on “First Watercolor Landscape

  1. Hi
    Thanks for calling by on my painting. You have a very pretty style, nice on the eye. perhaps thats what you mean by it being illustration. Dont knock it. Nice landscape here. Were you there or from your head or photo? I wonder what this place means to you?

    1. Thank you so much for seeing my work!
      I call it illustration because watercolor painting doesn’t seem like a real painting to me. Even though it take a skill to use watercolors.
      I think I used a photo as a reference, but can’t quiet remember.
      I think it’s amazing when artist paint landscapes in watercolor. Nature is beautiful at all times. The trick is to capture it.

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