Dior #2

Oh-oh.  For most of you this probably looks just any other illustration post, but OMG!!! It took a lot for me to “imperfect” my perfect illustration.

I’m one of those people who draws something, falls in love with it, and doesn’t change a thing, but it shouldn’t be like that with art. Art is all about exploring as many possibilities as you can. A lot of us get into this little comfort zone and live in it. However, if do something today and repeat it tomorrow- you are not growing, you are not learning, you are just doing something you have always done.

Today, I decided to let watercolors drip all over my illustration. I even added a letter in there! For me it’s a big step. I can’t really push myself to learning and changing if I don’t have a goal. I also decided to find new artistic goals and ideas I would like to reach, and to start creating more interesting art. I know it will take a while, but I’m curious what my abilities hold.

I want your feedback!

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