So Many Things!!!

First of all, how was everyone’s Thanksgiving holiday? (Those who celebrate it in the USA) My favorite par of the holiday is the dessert! Everyone makes pies, and I was lucky to have as much of that deliciousness as I wanted. Ha!

I was watching one of my favorite shows, Columbo, very old one, but what I love the most about old shows and movies is the style, so classy and elegant, eternal. That show inspired me to design and illustrate this little lady right here.


More awesome news! As you know, I have a shop on society6 where you can purchase iphone cases, shirts, and totes with my art printed on them… Well, they added another section to the shop- PILLOWS!!! I am so excited! I think because I always want to find the perfect throw pillow with a statement, which is almost impossible. You can get a throw pillow case, or a whole pillow.

I already own a tote with same print as below, and couldn’t be happier. The tote is made in India, company practices fair wage, material is 100% recycled, and it’s pretty durable and spacey (plus it has a pocket inside). Print quality was amazing! You can even see some pencil marks. For $15 I was more than pleased!!! Now I feel happy about selling it to you guys.


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