I’ve Been Published!

Oh wow, first of all I just realized that I haven’t posted anything since December 10th! Gee, what a slacker I am sometimes.

I hope you guys had a nice Christmas holiday (those who celebrate it). It has been kind of crazy around here lately.

Good friends of mine, that I work for sometimes, presented me with an awesome gift- wacom tablet. I have been dying to have one ever since I found out those things exist. I will try to make some cool drawing and post it up for you guys! It’s so fun to play with. I just set there and wrote on it over and over again.

After the holiday (today) I had a meeting with the author of the book I was working on couple of months ago, and received this beautiful edition. It’s in Spanish. I am not sure my Spanish is enough to read the book, but I will challenge myself.

Anyways, holding a published edition of it and actually seeing my own drawings in it was indescribable. I still can’t fully process it. It’s so exciting, and at the same time so unreal!

Here are some of my favorite drawings from the book. I can’t stop criticizing my work, but I think that’s just a normal artist’s problem. By the way, you can get your edition here. I don’t want to post all of them, just in case of text copyright.

The book is called “El tesoro de Juan Chavez” by Joel Fragoso Chavez. 

Another funny thing, Joel (the author) said that my name was written in letters that were too small, so he dedicated another whole page to acknowledging my work. I was shocked. I am so honored.





I want to thank the man above, family, and followers for being supporters of my dreams :)

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