Blonde Geisha

Happy New Year to you guys!!!


I hope you guys had fun celebrating. May all your wishes come true in this coming year!

I promised to do a review on my new watercolor set. Recently, I got a travel size one, because of its convenience. Also, I wanted blocks of watercolors because I used to have a set when I was little, and I remember the great intensity of color that I haven’t experienced with the ones that come from a tube.



  • great color intensity (burnt sienna looked way more burnt than I have ever seen in a watercolor, which is better than yellow if you use it for skin tones)
  • perfect size for travel (even if that means you moving from room to room, like I do, instead of carrying a bag with tubes and a palette)
  • comes with a size 4 round brush
  • just a touch of brush picks up all the color you need


  • price ($16 for 12 colors, but I guess that comes with quality, so it’s not really a con)
  • doesn’t have white (no biggie to me, I have in a tube)

Sometime in future, I would like to have the 24 color set like this one, that would be all I need from watercolors.





Plus, I finally figured out even better way to make a good looking skin tone– it’s white+burnt sienna+red. That’s how I got a tone above. You can also mix in green or brown, depending if you are trying to achieve olive skin or a good tanned skin.

Blonde geisha idea came from of course.

I want your feedback!

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