Yes, the cute little birds!

Tit birds- they look like they have little caps and ties on. They are fun to watch because they play with each other a lot and make funny sounds.

I have no idea about the name of the red chested birdy, it is one of my favorites from back home (Ukraine). It’s very interesting that they only come in winter, and they sit with their chests puffed up on the trees that are covered with snow. They are very cute.

I guess I am so fascinated with living creatures because my mom made me be very aware of my surroundings when I was little. She always pointed out different animals and explained everything we saw during walks in a park. My favorite was this one: every beginning of the spring, when sun would shine more often, she made sure I saw the first little bitty leaves that come back on the trees. They were very tiny, barely there, but she always showed them to me. One of the thing I miss a lot is being a child. I’m going to make sure I will teach my kids the same.


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