It’s been a couple of week since I picked up my watercolors, and let me tell you, boy do I feel rusty.

I guess it’s like that with everything. Last night I was making potatoes O’Brian’s (sp?) and it’s been a year since I’ve made them. I felt like I was inventing a new dish. Constant practice is very important.

I made this illustration because I wanted to translate lightness and freedom of our feelings. I wanted to show how we feel when we are at peace. I failed. First of all, the original version of this girl didn’t have any shading on her body. It looked like 5 year old’s drawing. I was so upset and hesitated posting the whole thing online because it didn’t describe my skills at all. After all, I went over her with a color pencil and that somewhat fixed the problem. I think acrylics would be better for that kind of work.

P.S. I didn’t realize she looked like a mermaid until I thought that red hair color would look best on her.


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