Take Your Time and Think.

I made this piece as an admission to a limited zine publication collab with Society6 guys.

This is a second time in the my whole history of creating art, I felt that my work has a purpose. I’ve bee pointlessly making pictures, but I often failed to crate a purpose for it. There are plenty of artists who inspire social movements with their work. Take Banksy for example, most of his work makes you think. I always wanted to be one of those people who’s art made someone think on a deeper intellectual level.

There are words hidden in the picture. Can you see?
When people say “your own little world”, does it mean something to you? What is “your own little world” to you? And I don’t mean material things, I mean the state of mind where you go to rest and get lost, what and where is it? Where and how do you feel at your best, at most calm, at peace?

So, what is “your own little world” to you? Tell me, and I will let you know what that phrase means to me.


About the artwork, I created digital universe painting with help of brushes and a graphic tablet. Then I added already scanned and cropped hand drawn image.

2 thoughts on “Take Your Time and Think.

  1. To me my own little world is the time I spend at home alone immediatly after work and before the rest of my family gets home, it is both when I can just sit and get lost in thought, where I can think problems through and where I can come up with new ideas. Love the contrast on detail in the background and the simplicity on your drawing.

    1. Thanks Luis! Thanks for your feedback and for the critique. I was hoping to achieve just that.
      To me my own little world is when I get lost in my thoughts and the outside world does not mean a thing, kind of like in movies, when you see a person on a bus staring through the window, some theme music, and the world in slow motion. Those moments make me feel the safest. And the best part about it, is that I can make that happen pretty much any time. That’s when I completely tune out the outside world and spend the time with myself, reflect on my thoughts, and most importantly- put life in a different perspective, because no one and nothing else matters at that point in time.

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