Life of an artist


I changed my major! Whoo. I realized I can’t stand doing art on demand. I don’t enjoy makig what others want me to. How strange is that?

I want to be just an artist and that people happen to enjoy my work. That has not happened yet. But I am not as developed in my skills and style as I’d like to be either. It’s always been hard to just do art and nothing else because my life has been throwing obsitcles at me left and right. I think if I had nothing to do but art- I’d succeed. However,  now I work a full time job, attend university full time, tryyyyyy to make time for gym- what do I have time left for? Nothing. That’s exactly right.

I’d love to be more consistent with my work, but if I do- I’ll easily get burnt out. I’ll try to make something new at least once a week.

See you soon.

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