Good Bye 2014 and Thank You!

The time has come to be sad about leaving the past year. Why sad? Because it was an awesome year. I grew so much as a person, got to solve a lot of self-mysteries, and got to discover that I will never be able to know myself completely because I am ever-changing. I do forget that there are many more awesome years ahead, lol.

I have a wonderful person by my side who understands every aspect of my troubles, and his amazing family who took me in and made me feel like their own. It’s a blessing to have great people in my life when my own family is thousands of miles away and I haven’t seen them in a decade. I guess the sadness of holidays without my own family if finally creeping in, can’t deny it any longer- I miss them a lot during this season, and I wish they could be here experiencing all the amazing things with me,

On a bright side, I am going to celebrate New Year’s in the city tonight. Not in someone’s house, or apartment, but in the city…. in cold weather… with shimmering lights… excited people everywhere welcoming 2015…. That’s a very happy place to be in. In the city, where I am from, where I belong.


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