Clean up!

Beautiful weather definitely inspires me. You guys know how much I dislike hot weather, so sitting outside with cool winds and sun out was nothing less than a day blissfully spent.

Few things were long overdue in updating my art work. I finally graduated from a university, and have some free time on my hands. I feel like I am able to finally live life. Isn’t that what we work so hard for? So we have the means to spend our free time as pleasant as possible? A vacation to Denver, CO and a weekend in OKC later, I feel like I finally have reached a point of “rested” and I am ready to explore creating as my part-time job.

Creating makes me happy, whether people enjoy it or not. Creating is an outlet for expressing myself without limits.

Today I am restarting my journey as an artist, while searching for best PhD programs to which I would like to apply. Welcome back, me!

I want your feedback!

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