is what art is to me. I often speak about the importance of art in my life.

Few days ago, a friend and I exchanged our hand made craftiness, and she asked me to add notes regarding each illustration. I didn’t know what I would write. I make art because it makes me feel things. When I paint abstracts or lay watercolors down I feel alive. Each paint movement that makes an intricate pattern makes me feel things I didn’t know existed. I don’t know what the meaning to my paintings is. Maybe I’m like Rothko- the painting means what your are experiencing while looking at the painting. Each person has its own feeling and interpretation. I learned to look and understand the beauty of what I’m seeing. I learned to feel from art.

When you look at some abstract paintings, you see a colorful mess. I caress each paint bloob with different brushes and wrist twists to see what they can give me. Each one is different, each one is planned. In art, I’m forever happy. In art, I’m free.

Some of the blue and gold is inspired by my favorite gem stone lapis lazuli. I didn’t even know I had a favorite gem stone until I came across this one.

This painting has sad and happy parts, I felt them all while painting. Still not done.

I want your feedback!

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