Lost Dream?

I remember when I illustrated nothing but the latest haute couture looks from my favorite designers. I lived and breathed crazy fashion. As fashion illustration field was growing, so was the amount of people uploading their art online. Painting girls in dresses didn’t seem to be very special, but look where it brought @paperfashion, even though I do enjoy her old style much better.

We had Oscar’s last week, and for some reason that brought old memories back and with it came the urge of painting the craziest of dresses I could find. John Galliano is definitely my go-to if I need a crazy dress inspiration. Despite him saying some controversial things in the past, that man can create a magnificent gown that will take your breath away. 
Found myself looking through collections of Vogue and trying to find the most amazing and colorful thing to paint later. 
I wanted to be a designer once and make insanely huge dresses… but so do many other people. It’s kind of like being a DJ- everyone calls themselves one nowadays, but only few are worth it, and it’s hard to break through from the sea of monotonous crowd. The amount of effort needed to succeed is tremendous, and I’m afraid it won’t be enough. For now, I’ll paint crazy dresses.

I want your feedback!

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